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This device served its purpose very well. The battery lasted about 2 weeks and I could always see the charge level on the tracking page. I highly recommend this device and service.

Unit works great.
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The unit worked great. If you need any help, the customer service is really good. The mobile app works very well with an Android phone and a tablet.

Great Case!
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The magnet is really strong and it stays exactly where i put it under the car. Even through rain and mud. Great case!

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Live Mobile Asset Tracking (MATrack) Service

Once you receive your GPS tracking device, you will need to establish GPS tracking service. You do this by simply following the easy instructions on the Quick-Start Guide that will be inside the package when you receive it.

The quick-start guide will direct you to our Mobile Asset Tracking (MATrack) website with a link to exactly where you need to go to activate your service, and walk you through the easy process step-by-step.

Tracking service with MATrack is a flat monthly fee that you can cancel at any time. There are no activation fees, no cancellation fees, no reactivation fees, no hassles!

When we receive your order for MATrack service, we will activate your device, configure your account, and follow-up with a "Welcome Email" with your login credentials and other valuable information.

Once your account is configured and your login credentials are sent to you, you can immediately track your GPS device via our proprietary cloud-based tracking platform. Our software is 100% web-based, so there is absolutely no software to install, and is easily accessible from any internet-connected PC or Mac, or use your smart phone and tablet with our iOS® and Android® apps.

MATrack Live Tracking Plans

  • No Activation Fee, No Cancellation Fee, No Reactivation Fee, No Hassles!
  • All Plans Include FREE 24/7 Technical Support

Tracking plans vary depending on the device you purchase. Here's the breakdown:

GSM (T-Mobile) GL300 or PRIME Portable Rechargeable GPS Tracker

  • 1-Minute Updates: $24.95/month
  • 30-Second Updates: $29.95/month
  • 10-Second Updates: $39.95/month
  • 5-Second Updates: $44.95/month

CDMA (Verizon) PRIME Portable Rechargeable GPS Tracker

  • 1-Minute Updates: $24.95/month
  • At this time, there are no faster update options for the Verizon device due to excessive airtime costs. If Verizon changes this in the future, we will offer faster reporting intervals.

Note: There are Optional Accessories available for the portable devices.

XT2000-VZ OBD II Vehicle-Powered GPS Tracker

  • 1-Minute Updates: $24.95/month
  • 30-Second Updates: $29.95/month

XT2150-VZ Hard Wired Vehicle-Powered GPS Tracker

  • 1-Minute Updates: $24.95/month
  • 30-Second Updates: $29.95/month

Mapping Features

  • Familiar Google Maps™ Interface (Including Map/Satellite toggle and Google Street View™)
  • Overlay GPS data on map or satellite imagery
  • Unlimited tracking devices on one account
  • Real-time battery life display
  • Geofencing (user-defined boundaries that you can be alerted when the tracker goes inside or outside - the same technology used by law enforcement for enforcing house arrest, restraining orders, etc)
  • Real-Time Text Message and Email Alerts
  • Assign driver names to devices
  • View track history based on user-input start/end dates
  • Stop Reports
  • Movement Reports
  • Fast and easy travel log and mileage reports
  • Export reports to XLS, CSV or PDF
  • Historical data archived for 12 months
  • One-click Last 24 Hours Chart
  • One-click Web-Based User's Guide
  • One-click Tech Support Query (24/7 Tech Support Available)

GPS Track Manager Android App and iOS Mobile Viewer - Track On The Go

Real Time Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Easily log in and see the exact location of the tracker in real time. Upon logging in, one quick glance will display the vehicle's current GPS position overlaid onto a digital map or satellite image (powered by Google Maps™ - if you've used Google maps, you can use our software!), latitude/longitude with Map It link, mileage, speed, and current battery life of your tracker.

Real Time Auto-Refresh Feature

With the click of one button, see the exact location of your tracker (or multiple trackers on the same account) and watch them move across the map in real time as the tracker sends reports. Zoom in or out, change your view from Google Maps to Google Earth view (with or without street and other label overlays), and the screen will maintain all of your settings so all you have to do is watch live. It doesn't get any more live than this!

Historical Logging

Our tracking servers (one mainframe and two backup servers) will archive your GPS data in your account for a full year so you will always have access to each and every waypoint for every one of the previous 365 days. One click gives you a 24-hour snapshot. Click on any waypoint and see driver name, latitude/longitude with Map It link, date (MM/DD/YYYY), Time (HH:MM:SS), Heading (N, NE, E, SE, S, etc), mileage, speed (MPH), and battery life remaining (expressed as a percentage).

Geofencing with Text & Email Alerts

Define your own virtual fence - or Geofence - quickly and easily and set up SMS text message and/or Email alerts so you know when your boundary has been crossed. This is the same technology used by law enforcement to enforce house-arrest inmates and restraining orders.

Other Alerts:

Panic Alert (Portable Only) - Activate Function Key Alerts in your account to use the Function Key as a panic button to receive text and/or an email if the button is pressed.

Low Battery Alert (Portable Only) - Activate Low Battery Alerts to receive text and/or email alerts when the power level drops below a threshold that you have defined.

Ignition On/Off Alert (OBD and Hard Wired Only) - Activate Ignition On/Ignition Off Alerts so you'll know when the target vehicle has been started or shut off.

Tow Alert (OBD and Hard Wired Only) - If the vehicle is moving but the ignition is off, it's being towed. Activate Tow Alerts so you'll know if this happens.

Travel and Mileage Reports

Our tracking server archives the historical GPS data, making data queries for Travel Log Reports and Mileage Reports as simple as a few clicks. This feature is rare for GPS software suites but is integrated into our system. It comes in extremely useful - especially for businesses that use company vehicle mileage as a tax deduction. Simply choose the start and end dates and you have the information you need in one-click.

Sleep Reports (Portable)

Since the tracker is equipped with a 3D motion sensor, it puts itself in standby when it detects 4 minutes of inactivity in order to conserve battery life. Every 2-3 hours, the device will wake up and transmit a report to let you know that your tracker is still charged, still in place, and still operational.

Sleep Reports (OBD and Hard Wired)

Since the tracker is connected to the electrical and ignition system of your vehicle, it puts itself in standby when it detects that the ignition has been turned off. Every 2-3 hours, the device will "wake up" and transmit a report back to your tracking account to let you know that your tracker is still powered, still in place, and still operational.

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Reports (OBD Only)

The tracker reads trouble codes from the vehicle's computer via the OBD II port, allowing the generation of DTC reports from within the account user interface.

Device Reporting to Your MATrack Tracking Account

Your tracker will receive position data from one or more GPS satellites, then transmit that data to your tracking account at a frequency based on the tracking plan that you choose (e.g. every 5 minutes, every 1 minute, every 30 seconds).

For portable devices, this will occur only when the device is in motion (it operates on a motion sensor). For OBD and Hard Wired devices, this occurs when the ignition of the target vehicle is ON (there is a contact to the ignition sensor, so the device knows if the vehicle is ON or OFF).

When the device is stationary (Portable) or the ignition OFF (OBD and Hard Wired), the GPS tracker goes into standby mode and awakens only once every 3 hours to send a location report.

We program them this way so that, even if stationary/off, you will still see periodic reports in your tracking account, assuring you that your device is still in place and operational.

Learn More

If you would like a deeper understanding of exactly how GPS tracking works, check out our article here.

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