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This device served its purpose very well. The battery lasted about 2 weeks and I could always see the charge level on the tracking page. I highly recommend this device and service.

Unit works great.
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The unit worked great. If you need any help, the customer service is really good. The mobile app works very well with an Android phone and a tablet.

Great Case!
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The magnet is really strong and it stays exactly where i put it under the car. Even through rain and mud. Great case!

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Setting Up, Viewing, and Deleting Geofences

Setting Up, Viewing, and Deleting Geofences

These instructions give you the step-by-step procedures for setting up, viewing, and deleting geofence boundaries.

Note: This tutorial is text and images only. If you prefer to see the VIDEO tutorial, click here.

Getting Started

You will need to create geofence boundaries using a computer with a mouse or trackpad rather than on a touch-screen mobile device since defining the boundary requires use of the click-drag-release technique. Any mention of the word "click" in this guide refers to a left-click of the mouse or trackpad.

Setting Up a Geofence Boundary

1. Login to your MATrack account.

2. Hover your mouse pointer over the Geofence menu header, then click Create Geofencing Area.

Geofencing Menu

3. In this step, we're creating the center point of your geofence (which can be moved later). In the empty field (top left of the geofence window), start typing in an address that will be at (or close to) the center point of where you want your geofence. You will begin to see addresses populate below the field (these addresses are derived from Google). You need not use commas, periods, or any other punctuation - just keep typing until you see the correct address on the populated list. DO NOT CLICK ANY BUTTONS YET.

4. In the populated list of addresses, click the correct address on the populated list and it will fill in the field and the map will update to show your center point marker at that address automatically. DO NOT CLICK "SUBMIT" YET! Just click the address in the populated list and it will fill in the field automatically (see image below).

5. At this point, the marker is centered on the address you chose, but there are actually 2 markers there - one on top of the other. Click and hold the marker and drag it outward (this is the outer radius marker) until you get to your desired size, then release the mouse button. At this point you can click-drag-release either marker (center or outer radius) until you get your desired geofence boundary.

Pro Tip: Bigger is better for geofencing. The main reason is that most customers have the portable tracker set to 5-minute reporting intervals. Let's say, for example, that your tracker just reported 30 seconds before it entered the geofence area. The tracker is now not going to report for 5 more minutes. The next time the tracker reports and realizes that it's in the geofence area, the tracker may already be at the location. Just make the geofence bigger to mitigate this. If your device reports at shorter intervals, adjust the geofence size accordingly.

6. NOW you can click the Submit button. This saves your geofence.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 for additional geofences. The software supports up to 10 geofence areas.

Viewing/Deleting a Geofence

1. Hover your mouse pointer over the Geofence menu header, then click View/Delete Geofences.

2. Use the Prev and Next (Previous and Next, respectively) buttons to scroll through and view all geofences that have been created.

3. To delete the geofence, click the Delete button - note that a red box appears stating "Geofence Marked for Deletion".

4. If you're deleting more than 1 geofence, navigate to the geofence you want to delete using the Prev and Next buttons, and click the Delete button to mark for deletion.

5. Once you have marked your desired geofences for deletion, click the Submit button and the geofence(s) will be deleted. If you made a mistake and do not wish to delete the selected geofence or any geofence, simply click the Undelete button on the desired geofence, or close the window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the window. No changes will be saved until you click Submit.

If you have any questions on this tutorial, please comment below, contact us via email, or initiate a chat with us (lower right of any page on this website). 

Stumble across this tutorial on your search for information on GPS tracking devices? Check out our GPS Tracking Information and Buying Guide.

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