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This device served its purpose very well. The battery lasted about 2 weeks and I could always see the charge level on the tracking page. I highly recommend this device and service.

Unit works great.
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The unit worked great. If you need any help, the customer service is really good. The mobile app works very well with an Android phone and a tablet.

Great Case!
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The magnet is really strong and it stays exactly where i put it under the car. Even through rain and mud. Great case!

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How to Set Your Correct Time Zone in GPS Track Manager

How to Set Your Correct Time Zone in GPS Track Manager

Here are my instructions for setting the correct time zone in GPS Track Manager. Why is this important? Because you want your date/time stamps to be correct.

You can read about Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in detail by doing a quick internet search, but, for our purposes, just know that GMT time is the current time in Greenwich, England, which is located on the Prime Meridian - and it never changes. All time in the world is an offset of the GMT standard, and GPS Track Manager is no exception.

In the continental United States (CONUS), there are 4 time zones, a fact in which I'm sure you're familiar. Since we in the US have also adopted Daylight Savings Time in most areas, the GMT offset changes - Spring Forward, Fall Back - sound familiar? Thus, whenever we change our clocks forward or backward, the same needs to happen in your GPS Track Manager account. If you're located in an area that doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time, just set your time zone once and leave it alone.


Setting Time Zone in GPS Track Manager

1. To set your time zone, hover your mouse over the Change Settings menu, then click on Change Time Zone.

GPS Track Manager Change Time Zone Settings Menu

2. Select your correct time zone based off the following chart:

GMT Time Zone Chart

3. Click Submit. That's it, you're done!

Please feel free to post any questions below, or send us an email at support@monstergps.com. We're always happy to help.

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